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Full Time Courses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The below courses are available for commencement in Semester 2, 2016 for full time study (non-apprenticeship or traineeship​-based). Most applications are to be made through the State Training Admissions system. Detailed guidance on how to submit your application and meeting entrance requirements are available here. Many courses are also available on a part-time basis by applying directly.

Our Course Information Team can be contacted by emailing or by phoning (08) 9780 7070. You may also like to book an appointment to come in and meet with us in Bunbury, or contact the other campuses​ directly.

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Title of Qualification​​​​​​ Location ​Qual No.

Places available

​Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory) ^Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin7186​Yes
Certificate I in General Education for Adults ^​Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin​7187​Yes
​Certificate II in General Education for Adults ^​​Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin​7188​Yes
​Certificate I in Spoken and Written English ^​Bunbury, Busselton (P/T), Harvey (P/T), Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin​6482​Yes
Certificate II in Spoken and Written English​ ^​Bunbury, Busselton (P/T), Harvey (P/T), Margaret River, Narrogin​6483​Yes
Certificate III in Spoken and Written English​ ^​Bunbury, Busselton (P/T), Harvey (P/T), Margaret River, Narrogin​6484​Yes
Certificate I in Wider Opportunities for Work ^​Bunbury, Busselton, Manjimup, Narrogin​7175​Yes
Certificate I in Leadership​Bunbury​YT98​Yes
Certificate III in Laboratory Skills​Bunbury​W735​Yes
​Certificate IV in Laboratory Skills ​Bunbury​W736​Yes
Certificate III​​ in ​​Visual Arts​​Bunbury, ​Busselton, Collie (P/T), Margaret River, NarroginD664​Yes
Certificate IV in Visual Arts Bunbury, Busselton, Collie (P/T), Margaret River, Collie, NarroginD658​Yes
Diploma of Visual Arts *** Bunbury, Busselton (P/T), Collie (P/T), Margaret River, Narrogin D657​Yes
Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology​Bunbury​​W367​Yes
Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology​ ​​Bunbury​W387​Yes
​Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) [Electrotechnology Pre-Apprenticeship] +​Bunbury​WC20​Contact us for study in 2017
Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology [Light Vehicle Servicing Pre-Apprenticeship]Collie​WC06​Contact us for study in 2017
Certificate II in Financial Services​Bunbury, Busselton (P/T)​AVX4​Yes
​Certificate III in Accounts Administration​Bunbury, Busselton, Narrogin​AWA4​Yes
​Certificate IV in Accounting***​Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup ​AWF3​Yes
​​​​BUSINESS    ​
Certificate II in BusinessBunbury, Collie, Harvey​, Manjimup, NarroginAVU8​Yes
​Certificate II in Customer Engagement​Bunbury​AVQ9​Yes
​Certificate III in Business​Bunbury, Busselton (P/T), Narrogin​AVR7​Yes
Certificate III in Business AdministrationBunbury, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup, Margaret River, NarroginAVS2​Yes
​Certificate IV in Business​​Bunbury, Busselton (P/T), Narrogin​AVV9
Certificate IV in Business Administration Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup, Margaret River​, NarroginAVS9​Yes
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management​ ^​Bunbury, Narrogin ​AVR3​Yes
​​Diploma of Leadership and Management​ ^​Bunbury, Narrogin​AVU0​Yes
​Certificate II in Building and Construction (Pathway - Trades)​Bunbury​WC17​Yes
Certificate IV in Interior Decoration​BunburyJ741​Yes
​Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration) ​Bunbury​​W606​Yes
​Diploma of Building Design​Bunbury​D772​Yes
​Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management​Bunbury, Manjimup, Narrogin​D460​Yes
Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management​Bunbury, Manjimup​D480​Yes
Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management​ ***​Bunbury, Manjimup​D508​Yes


Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & CareBunbury, Busselton, Collie (P/T), Harvey (P/T), Margaret River, Manjimup​, NarroginJ587​Filling Fast
Diploma of Early Childhood Education & CareBunbury, Busselton, Collie (P/T), Harvey (P/T), Margaret River, Manjimup, NarroginJ594​Filling Fast
Certificate II in Nail Technology + ​Bunbury​S778​Contact us for study in 2017
Certificate II in Retail Make-up and Skin Care​Bunbury​S777​Filling Fast
Certificate III in Individual Support
Bunbury+, Bunbury (PT) Busselton+, Collie (P/T), Harvey (P/T), Manjimup (P/T), Margaret  River (P/T), NarroginAWK6

​Filling Fast

Part time option now available for Bunbury

Certificate III in Community Services Work Bunbury​AWJ2​Filling Fast
Certificate IV in Community Services Work​ ***BunburyAWL8​Filling Fast
Certificate IV in Youth Work BusseltonJ592​​Contact us for study in 2017
​Certificate II in Production Horticulture​Manjimup​D453​Yes
​Certificate II in Horticulture​ Busselton (P/T), Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin​D454​Yes
Certificate III in Wine Industry Operations​Margaret River​D684​Yes
Certificate III in Horticulture​Bunbury, Busselton (P/T), Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin​D473​Yes
​Certificate IV in Horticulture​ ***​Bunbury, Manjimup​D503​Yes
Diploma of Horticulture ***​​Manjimup, Bunbury​D516​Yes
Diploma of Agriculture​Manjimup​D513Yes​
Certificate II in HospitalityBunbury, Margaret River​​J616​Yes
Certificate III in Hospitality Bunbury, Margaret RiverJ618​Yes
Certificate IV in HospitalityBunbury​J623​Yes
Diploma of HospitalityBunburyJ627​Yes
Certificate II in Tourism​Bunbury​J472​Yes
Certificate III in TourismBunburyJ432​Yes
​Certificate II in Kitchen Operations​Bunbury​J429​Yes
Certificate II in Information, Digital Media & TechnologyBunbury, Busselton, ManjimupAVZ2​Filling Fast
Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & TechnologyBunbury, Busselton
​Filling Fast
Certificate IV in Information Technology NetworkingBunburyAWG1​Filling Fast
Certificate IV in Digital Media TechnologiesBunbury, Margaret RiverAVZ6​Filling Fast
Certificate IV in Web-Based TechnologiesBunburyAWE7​Yes
Diploma of Information Technology NetworkingBunburyAWD7​Yes
Certificate IV in Preparation for Nursing Education +​Bunbury​3728​Contact us for study in 2017
​Diploma of Enrolled Nursing (Division 2) +​Bunbury, Narrogin​J108​Contact us for study in 2017
​RETAIL ​ ​ 
​Certificate II in Retail​ Services​Bunbury, Collie, Harvey
​Certificate III in Fitness +​Bunbury​J760​Filling Fast
Certificate IV in Fitness ***​Bunbury​D438​Contact us for study in 2017
​Certificate IV in Surveying ***​Bunbury​J354​Yes
Diploma of Surveying​Bunbury​J357Yes
​​​​Certificate III in Education SupportBunbury+, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin​​​J588​Filling Fast
Certificate IV in Education Support ***​Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Harvey, Manjimup, Margaret River, Narrogin​J590​Yes
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment ^​Bunbury, Narrogin​W754​Next available entry is Mon 19 Sept or Fri 23 Sept
Certificate IV in Work Health and SafetyCollieAVW3​Yes

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^        Apply direct - click on the application form on the course page or contact​

***     Special entrance requirements apply to these courses and generally require the successful completion of the previous certificate in that area of study or other specified pre-requisites​​ including work experience in the area under consideration.

P/T - this course is only available part-time on this campus

+       These courses are listed as "competitive". Please see the additional requirements for submitting an application. ​​